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I.Gästebuchspammen: Hopper-Gebrabbel bei Ellen im GB, Bumbum-Geschichte bei Lisa [[vier einhalb Seiten]] und eine Kurzgeschichte über Eis bei Ellen.

[[Die viereinhalb-Seiten-Geschichte:
EEEEEy....Here are two girls, they call them:
they live in
Bumbumdokdokballaballatown. their hobbies were making bumbumdokdokballaballagames,their favourite food is the bumbumdokdokballaballa-burger at their favourite restaurant in bumbumdokdokballaballatown. it is called bumbumdokdokballaballarestaurant.
the girls like a other girl called
Fette Fotze. Her real name was Fatima, but that doesn't matter. The bumbumdokdokballaballagirls though like bumbumdokdokballaballafatimas. but FF is the short form, everybody uses. these girls are known for doing stupid things while sitting in school. They both like a Plemplemgirl called Lisa, who is a little bumbumdokdokballaballa too. its a pity, that she goes on another school. it would be so funny if she was pupil at the bumbumdokdokballaballa- DINGDONG-SCHOOL :D
but, that's the way it is and those 3 girls often
make really "grazzi" sings. there is one, who is always right. one who is sometimes right. and one, that everytime istn right..
its so cruel :'(.
this bumbumdokdokballaballadingdongschool is
in the bumbumdokdokballaballa- village next to de bumbumdokdokballaballatown, which has been found by Mister Bumbum, his friend Mister Dokdok and two little Ballaballa girls. But this part of the story is plemplem.
the three girls like to
cook. and laugh. and love. and like each other, hihi. and cry. and smoke. and talk. and phone. and do everything. they like everything. thats plemplem, right? bumbumdokdokballaballagirls like to sing the song "The river of Bumbumlon" or "Help me, Mister dokdoktor" or ""baby baby balla balla" :D
[[nebenbei gemerkt, ihr lieben, es wird gerade richtig krank :D ]]
One day the first two bumbumdokdokballaballagirls wrote a note to her
to say how much they like her. [its VERY MUCH].
they also like to sing " se world is full of bumbum things. dokdok things. plemplem wings. se world is full of balla balla in se house yeah yeah". nice songtitel, istn it?.
i think so. se bumbumdokdokballaballagirls and the member of honour (ehrenmitglied :D :D ) are a bit dangerous because
they've once written a hate- note to her classmate. He was called the BUMBUMALEX [You can also say: Tyrannus Alux Rex]
äh nee halt falsch..
egal weida :D
Anna and katharina.. *räusper* ääääh the bumbumdokdokballaballagirls had a german lesson as
this cruel boy made a cruel grimasse behind #1's back. then they hate started. HATE. against the tyrann. >:-|.
but this boy
thought that #1 and #2 love him! so he was very thankful....till the bumbumdokdokballaballadingdongschoolpupils told him that nobody likes him. he thougt, i dont care, i am a punk!!!!!!!!!. deluxe.
then the girls sang saaaaaaaave your kisses for me, ... for se member of honour to make it happy. but this girl only
thought to the tyrann, which she doesn't know. It doesn't matter, she thought that the boy was poor, a poor little metaller a poor zecke. this poor poor boy... ähm joa ...
the girl was happy about this song but she expected of course a gift, because she was doch very important, there can man this erwart!
So #1 and #2
went to bumbumdokdokballaballas., a town which istn very known in the wide wide world. there they wanted to buy a gift. for the member of honour. that this member is happy.
but then, something teribble happened
#1 has to go to the toilette! While #2 was waiting for her #2 was entführt. she was scared and cried. and called the member of honour, to help her, but the member of honour, didtn believed her and sai "#2 hat niemals recht!" and legte auf. #1 came back and ... looked for #2. "Oh she might have bought something to eat" #1 looked at the imbiss for her. but there she wasnt :D then suddenly #1 saw a black clothed man with a black clothed girl running down the street. #1 thought: Thats bumbumdokdokballaballa sister #2 !!!
She sprang up and bought a good, cold cola. Then she
went home. story is over.
bumbumdokdokballaballagirls are leaving

but suddenly #1 sprang back and ran towards the man and the girl. ]]
Just a little joke. of course #1 did not got home, after that shok. she wanted to find #2. then she called member of honour, to tell her the story, and then member of honour believed her because #1 always has recht. they catched up the gangster and found #2 in a candy shop. #2 didtn want to go, so they brought her to prison because shes stupid. its a pity, that #2 died in dthis prison because of eating too much. and then, in heaven, the three met again.
:D :D :D
[[We hope, that we've made you a jox [[or a glamour? maybe wendy or something else... bild? :D ]]]]

II. Seeeeehr geile kurzfristige Spontanaktionen *lach*

**Das_kLeiNe_miAu** (03:29 PM) :
ich zeig dir meine away worauf du sagen wirst " des kannst du nicht bringen, mach die raus"
**Das_kLeiNe_miAu** (03:29 PM) :
**Das_kLeiNe_miAu** (03:29 PM) :
dich schließ mein fenster nach dem satz und ich ändern schnell, du öffnest das fenster wieder und ich mach wieder die alte rein
**Das_kLeiNe_miAu** (03:29 PM) :
**Das_kLeiNe_miAu** (03:30 PM) :
~~Anna-Maus~~ (03:30 PM) :


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